PayPal and Bank Transfer

Are you thinking about a donation? Fantastic!

Our work is impossible without your support!
There are several ways to make a donation to the street cats in Samos:

1. You can make a bank transfer to one of our bank accounts. We do not recommend this for non-euro countries. The bank’s costs for transfer can amount to 25 euros. We recommend using our Paypal account for this.

Cat Rescue Samos Stichting
IBAN: NL04 TRIO 0338 5464 56

Samos Katzenhilfe e.V.
IBAN: DE64 7609 0400 0000 3069 32
Evenordbank, Nuremberg (Germany)

2. You can support Cat Rescue Samos projects through Paypal to Samos.katzenhilfe@gmail.com and use the donation button below. Use Paypal when you donate from a non-euro area to avoid high bank charges.

3. Would you rather donate in a different way? Please contact us in English by email.