Our Sponsors!

Sponsors are the backbone of our charity … and of the cats!

We can’t emphasize enough how important sponsors are. Without them, our work for the street cats is hardly possible. We have this page, especially dedicated to them.

So, to all our unknown and private sponsors and supporters, this one is for you all! Thanks guys, thanks a million!

And then there are the companies who sponsor us, who make the work possible. We are ever so grateful!

Antonis Karaminas

We are very fortunate to have a very close working relationship and the support of local veterinarian, Antonis Karaminas, in Samos town.
Helping us day to day with essential medicines, treatments and examinations, we are grateful to enjoy the support of this local professional. He and his team have helped us save many street cats and performed many complex operations after car accidents and other traumas.

Antonis fully supports our prime objective of sterilizing of street cats and helps us with this objective throughout the year. He also allows us to use his operating room for our projects!

You can visit his website:

Anicura Dierenkliniek Rijngeest

Dierenkliniek Rijngeest have supported us with medical supplies and veterinary advice.
Dierenkliniek Rijngeest supports the stray cats on Samos for several years now. We are grateful to have such a well-known and recommended veterinary clinic as one of our sponsors! Dierenkliniek Rijngeest is equipped with the most modern equipment and the veterinarians are able to perform extended, specialized, diagnostic investigations and treatments in their own clinic. Highly recommended! Look at: https://www.anicura.nl/klinieken/rijngeest/https://www.anicura.nl/klinieken/rijngeest/

Thanks a million!